…Teach Train Win

The content in Teach Train Win is designed to encourage and support anyone involved in training or instruction; from the teacher in the classroom to the curriculum designer to the lecturer on the podium. Teach Train Win draws on my work-as a Marine and a civilian- as a trainer, classroom instructor, curriculum designer/developer, curriculum project manager & training consultant. The material shares my experiences, victories, failures and lessons learned during 20 years of shaping positive & effective learning environments.

…the author

Vance has 20 years’ experience shaping encouraging & effective learning environments. He has designed & developed complex training events, critical thinking-based curriculum, and progressively complex problem-solving coursework. As an instructor & curriculum developer he has:

  • worked with systems designers and subject matter experts
  • served on a graduate program advisory board
  • trained teams of instructors
  • managed curriculum development projects
  • supervised teams of content developers and editors
  • provided thousands of hours of classroom instruction for over 7,000 students

Vance has done consulting work with:

  • The Inspired Learning Group
  • The CLEAR! experience
  • In Extremis
  • Zermatt Resort

A Washington state native and a retired Marine Officer, Vance earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Washington, and his Master of Science in Educational and Instructional Technology from National University.